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Pulvers' Prior Briar
P.O. Box 61146
Palo Alto, CA  94306

(650) 965-7403
Four Assorted Pipes for $40 #1112252 (SOLD 12/15/17)
From the top: Lord Renfrew, which was clearly made by Comoy
& has a sterling band, emblazoned with the original owner's
initials, "FAK."  Fills, yes.  Good cross grain?  Yes.  A Charatan
stem?  Yes.  (But it fits.)  Bowl is like new.  Stem is not, but it
works.  One down is a BBB Own Make with original band 7 twin-
bore stem, so probably a replacement.  Next down is a
Longchamp in very good cond.  Stitching entirely intact.  Bottom
most pipe is a Malaga in very good cond.  That was a popular
brand in the 40's and made, I believe, in Royal Oak, MI, which
has the unfortunate history of having been home to Father
Coughlin, that Nazi loving SOB who broadcast his poison
before getting kicked off the air in 1939.  Don't let the bad taste
stay in your mouth.  Malaga is a good pipe with good taste.  
Four Assorted Pipes for $50 (SOLD 10/11/17)
From the Top: A Comoy's shape #159.  The "C" on the stem is
still visible.  I do not believe I have ever seen worse grain on a
briar pipe in my 40 yrs. in the business, let alone on a top
brank like Comoy's.  Maybe that means it will be a great
smoke.  the cond. is actually very good, with minor marks on
the stem and rim.  Next down is a meerschaum in exc. cond. & a
Grp. 5 in size.  Below that is an old Dunhill.  Although the
nomenclature is almost entirely worn off, you can still make out
the "D" for Dunhill on the bottom.  It also has a repair band and
was well loved and used by the previous owner.  The rim is
good & crisp and the stem is a replacement, but in mark-free
condition.  I know the provenance of this pipe and it was given
to me by the one-time Western region sales Mgr. of Lane Ltd.,
the importer/distributor of Dunhill during his years there.  He
died and gave me this pipe a little before his death.  It's just not
a size or shape for me.  It should smoke great.  The bottom
pipe is another Comoy's, a Grand Slam, but with a replacement
stem.  Both stem & bowl are in great condition.  Grp. 4 in size.
Comoy's Everyman #8956 (SOLD 10/13/17)
I've put this on the Specials page because having a pipe like
this, in this condition (near-new) at my price is nothing if it isn't
special.  I think it probably was smoked for a few seconds, but
even the bevel edged on the inside of the rim shows no sign of
fire and the exhibits no tooth chatter, top or bottom.  Grp. 5 in
size with an open draw.  For those who need to know, the
shape # for this pipe is 601.  Used.
5.55" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 46 grams. $45.
St. Claude, France...Napoleon, n'est ce pas? 89-387GN
Someday someone will explain why a man who killed off 1/2
million Frenchmen in one campaign is so revered in that
country.  And that doesn't even address that they were the
physical cream of France's youth.  The world is mad.  This pipe
is in good condition.  The carving is less than stellar. Used.
5.5"long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 2 5/8 oz., 66 grams. $35.
Town Hall two pipe set #10811 (SOLD 10/9/17)
Town Hall was a 2nd label for Comoy's & the Comoy's shape #s
are on the pipes.  This set was made in 1951, as evidenced by
the 8-31-51 stamped on the sterling bands.  In fact, it was a gift
from Vi to Bob.  The condition of the pipes, and the case, too, is
excellent.  they are each a Grp. 5 in size, & barely smoked
(maybe the relationship dissolved shortly after Bob got what he
wanted).  The draws are both open.  $50.
Four Assorted Pipes for $45 #10807 (SOLD 10/27/17)
From the top: A Savinelli Extra in exc. cond., in Grp. 6 size with
shape #412KS.  Trickily, it says "Twin Bore" on the bottom of
the shank, although this is a standard vulcanite stem...it may be
a replacement, but I wouldn't bet on it.  The pipe & stem are in
exc. cond. Next down is a bit of a gem.  It calls itself The King
Bruyere, is made in England and is about the size of a
mini-magnum, with a very old style stem button, an open draw &
a rather nice, deep blast.  The one draw back is that the air hole
is drilled a bit high in the chamber.  Next down is a John's Pipe
shop, Los Angeles, so this has some years on it, too, but the
cond. is excellent.  Finally, the bottom most pipe is another pipe
shop's product, the famous Iwan Ries of Chicago.  It is in very
good cond., but needs to be cleaned up, which I will do before
sending it out.  Acrylic stem here.
Four Assorted Pipes for $40 #10809 (SOLD 10/22/17)
From the top: A Longchamps, the much desired (by some,
anyway) leather covered pipe from France with all the seams
still intact, although the leather is certainly mottled from
handling.  Bowl & stem are in exc. cond.  Grp. 5 size.  Next
down is an "Englander's" which I take to have been an English
shop, or a Comoy's second, which I believe this pipe to be.  
There is some waviness on the stem, but the bowl cond. is
excellent.  Next down is a large billiard from the Malaga pipe
works, which was a well know and well regarded company out of
Detroit.  This, too is in very good cond., with only a couple of
minor indents on the stem top & bottom.  Finally, a panelled
straight Prince in a Grp. 3 size, with no markings (nor any fills),
but I believe it is from Genod in France in exc. cond.