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The photo depicts one of the final days of the Camelot of
tobacco shops, my own Sherlock's Haven.  To my immediate
left is both good friend and my professional consigliere, Steve
Brunner.  To my immediate right is one of the great tobacco
palates, relieving me of the chore of tasting and rating each
pipe tobacco and cigar, Johnson Tacalon.  And the tall guy
behind him was the store Mgr. and current close friend, Jim
Walker.  We're surrounded by good guys and true.  
I wanted to caption this "I knew more about pipes and tobacco
when I was 7 than you do now," but my PR dep't. said that
would be a bad idea.  Looks like old curmudgeons start as
young curmudgeons, doesn't it?  Years ago, my mother told my
then newish wife that when I was a kid, all they had to do to
keep me quiet was put a hat on my head, a corn cob in my
mouth and shove me in the back seat of the car.  My wife
replied, "nothing's changed, except he's now in the front seat."
           The Mill
April 23, 2018;
That we grow up to be just like our
parents (after those rebellious years of
insisting that it will never happen that way)
is a common theme.  And I may have
grown up to be a bit like my father and a
bit like my mother. ( “O wad some Power
the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers
see us!")  Sometimes I hear myself
sounding like one or the other of them.  
But in at least one way, I know that I've
grown up to be like my grandfather.
I remember seeing him reading the obits,
figure I was about 10, give or take, and
asking him why he read something so
boring.  The sports pages were the only
part of the newspaper that held my
interest.  His answer was something to
the effect that he wanted to see if any of
his friends had recently dropped dead.  
He might not have phrased it exactly like
These days, and for a good few years
now, I've scrutinized the obituary pages
and for the exact same reason.  This
concern with our mortality, compared with
the mortality of others we know, must be
a standard concern of we in the old
person's community.  To the young,
death is a far-off event.  To the old (and
I'll get to that, the being 'old' in a minute)
it's damned near imminent and we keep
needing signposts to let us know where
we are...lest we overshoot the exit.  
(That's supposed to be a joke.  If you're
not laughing, that's only because the joke
isn't funny.  But that doesn't mean I
shouldn't try, does it?)  
So far, nobody personally recognizable
has shown up, but I have to steel myself
to the inevitable.  Someday, amidst a
welter of unrecognizable names one will
emerge that brings back memories of
shared times...whether in school, in the
store or maybe from the time at Ft. Ord.
Seeing that name won't be fun, but I won't
want to have missed the information,
The other side of that equation is the fact
that someday my name will be on that list,
and maybe a friend of mine will be doing
the reading and feel some remorse.
At that point, I won't care.

P.S.  The posting of pipes continues, with
a large, very well grained Preben Holm & a
particularly handsome SEA on the Danish
page and a Comoy's Blue Riband,
Charatan Executive, Peterson Centenary
and huge Upshall B on the English.
Also, 5 pipes were posted on the Specials
page, for rolando.

Please take a look at our Specials page,
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Rolando Negoita, who had brain tumor
surgery and is now undergoing post-
operation treatment to deal with that
And talking about Rolando, and raising
money for him, and talking about
McClelland's Virginias, we've received a
recent donation of a 100 gram, 2000
Christmas Cheer.  If you're first, and think
$150 is a good way to get that  venerated,
millenial, aged tobacco plus contribute to
a fine cause, I am here for you.  First e-
mail request.  No phone calls on this one.  

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Don't forget to see the Original Sin Apple
on the Human Folly page.  It's called
"Paradise Lost" & it's the first pipe in our
ground breaking series that  points a
shaming finger at instances of
thoughtless human folly that inevitably
led to human tragedy.  That first five sold
out quickly, and the 2nd group, three of
them, have just arrived.  If you want one,
please let me know now as it will be
awhile before any others are produced.

It is horrifying that we have to fight our
own government to save the environment.
-Ansel Adams, photographer (20 Feb 1902-

Philadelphia: All the filth and corruption of
a big city; all the pettiness and insularity
of a small town.          Howard Ogden

available tins
Pease Southlinch from 2002 NASPC show.
Friedman & Pease Winter's Tale.  $100
Balkan Sobranie Virginia # 10 50 grams.
New Tins arrived, including
Abingdon, and a bunch of
others from 2003 and starting @ $40 a tin.

More old, collectible tins from the 1990's:

McClelland Mixture #1 (2000?) 100 grams.

Ashton 1997 Celebrated Sovereign 4 oz.,
Esoterica Pembroke...2 oz., 56 grams. $80
Davidoff Royalty 50 grams. $30
Davidoff Danish 50 grams. $25
Dunhill Std. Mixture Mild from Lane 50
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Benjamin Hartwell Pvt. Reserve 50 grams
Consolidated Cigar (thus from mid '90's)

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