Former Danish Egg #21884EG
A group 6 in size, and in exc. cond., with an open draw.  
Consider that this shape is by its nature one of the most
comfortable of fits, and the addition of a sandblast texture only
enhances the experience.  I like it that Former has never
succumbed to patronizing his clients with a grading system,
showing that he respects their ability to discern quality without
requiring the hand-holding of grades.  Vulcanite stem.  Used.
5.65" long.  Weight: 1 7/8 oz., 53 grams. $950.
Pulvers' Prior Briar
P.O. Box 61146
Palo Alto, CA  94306

(650) 965-7403
Jørn Larsen #218178BK
4.7" long, bowl 1.95" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 61 grams.
$395.Another beautiful shape from Jørn Larsen.  Can we agree
that this shank shape is a signature design of Jørn's?  The
bowl, a
Brandy, is super comfortable in the hand and the brindle stem
beautifully complements the dark stain.  The draw is open.  Be-
cause of the bowl shape, overall I'd say it's a Grp. 5 in size, but
the chamber capacity is probably closer to a Grp. 4.  All pipes
catch my wandering eyes, but this combination does so more
than most.  I think it's beautiful.  Vulcanite stem.  New.
4.7" long, bowl 1.95" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 61 grams. $395.
Stanwell Design Choice #227141 (SOLD)
A classic Stanwell shape in very good cond. with all the
attributes of the old, Danish made pieces: a comfortable
vulcanite stem, an open draw, good looking briar.  There are
three very small tooth marks on the bottom of the stem.  Used.
5.55" long, bowl 1.5" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 38 grams. $50.
S. Bang by Ulf Noltensmeier #102169BK
Beautifully balanced carving job, with all the right notes being
struck by Ulf.  So, although it's fairly large (a Grp. 6) it doesn't
give that impression at all.  The draw is open, the drilling spot
on and the grain is good all around the bowl.  The hand-cut
stem is vulcanite, for comfort and the pipe is unsmoked.  
5.5" long, bowl 1.75" tall.  Weight: 1 7/8 oz., 52 grams. $3450.
Bari Senior Old Briar #227112
The first collection I bought, in 1977, and which forced me into
the pipe business (we had just bought a house and barely had
money for our was I going to tell my wife that I
had just spent $75 for 65 pipes?  I know...I'll tell her I'm going to
sell them) contained among the Larsens, Dunhills, etc., a Bari
Senior Old Briar.  I still have that pipe and still love to smoke it.
For years, Bari provided the best value in pipes, then Stanwell
and finally Bjarne.  This Senior Old Briar may, or may not,
smoke like mine, but it certainly has nothing but Bird's Eye &
cross grain, right where one likes to find them on a bowl.   The
size is about a Grp 6, and the cond. very good, with an open
draw.  However, for what it's worth, this does not look like an
original stem.  On the other hand, maybe that's why it is mark-
free.  There are minor scratches on the bowl, as befits a senior.
6.5" long, bowl 2.25" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 43 grams. Used. $65.
Kurt Balleby 0 Grade #1112-173 (SOLD)
This pipe is so well done that I feel if I extol its virtues as I'd like,
it will sound like a hard sell, which I don't do.  I'm not usually in
love with these non-traditional shapes, but this pipe has that je
ne sais quoi that makes it special, including a wonderfully
comfortable stem, a near virgin stain and a unique sand blast
that makes one of the bowl sides seem as though it were finely
rusticated.  A Grp. 4 in size, it has an open draw and takes a
pipe cleaner to the bottom of the tobacco chamber.  New.
5.2" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1.75 oz., 48 grams. $1320.
Joao Reis #112030RG
This pipe appears to be strongly influenced by both Tom Eltang
and Bo Nordh.  The consignor stated that Reis worked with
Nordh and we know he moved from Portugal to live in Denmark.
This beautiful piece is unsmoked, has an open draw and is well
constructed with the draft opening right at the bottom of the
bowl.  Although it is not a big pipe, the chamber capacity will
provide for a smoke that is at least average in lenght and
probably longer.  
5 1/4" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1 1/2 oz., 43 grams. $1145
Jorgen L #615109SR
It's a nice horn when you don't have to worry about embers from
the chamber spilling onto your pants.  It's even better when the
carver is as skilled as Jorgen and gives you what seems like
acres of Bird's Eye and cross grain.  The draw is open, the stem
is vulcanite brindle 7 while it's hard to determine
size for this shape, it qualifies as a Grp. 5.  The grade is D.
5.8" long.  Weight: 1.75 oz., 49 grams. Unsmoked.  $595
S. Bang #42454
Grp 4 in size, but tending to the smaller end of that category.  
The cond. is very good, with just a bit of tooth chatter on the
stem top & bottom (and probably easily polished off).  All else is
sharp & clean.  The draw is wide-open and the vulcanite stem
is very comfortable.  Good ring grain, too.  Used.
5" long, bowl 1.7" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 39 grams. $450.
Søren #227236KM
No question, this is an impressive piece of briar.  The flame
grain fills up both sides of the bowl & there is plenty of bowl to
fill.  This is just short of being a massive pipe.  Certainly my
thumb fits easily into the chamber, and the wall at the front of
the bowl is over 1" thick, although as you can see, the bowl
becomes concave as it goes down to the bottom of the bowl.
The draw is open and a cleaner goes easily through to the
chamber.  The stem is vulcanite.  Søren was made in Denmark.
6.5" long, bowl 2.9" tall.  Weight: 3 3/8 oz., 96 grams. $125.
Søren Eric Andersen (SEA) #1112-187
This is something completely different and the carving
represents a tobacco leaf.  You can see this pipe on page 177
of Jan Andersson's fabulous book "Scandinavian Pipemakers."
It's full of biographies and color photographs of pipes you'll
covet.  Well, one of them is here.  It's large, a Grp. 7 in size, I'd
say, with an open draw and an inset ring in the shank.  New.
6.75" long.  Weight: 3 oz., 86 grams. $1195.
Jorn Larsen #1214239ME
A Grp. 5 Brandy, with a vulcanite stem, as have most high-end
Danish pipes.  The band is original (but it is not stamped
"sterling") and the draw is wide-open, which goes a long way to
assuring a good smoke.  There is some carbon residue on the
bowl rim; the stem is bite-mark free.  Used.
5.45" long, bowl 1.6" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 43 grams. $125.
Tom Eltang #61528CO
Large enough to be called a Grp. 6 in size, although the odd
shape makes a determination like that a bit subjective.  The
cond. is near-new and the draw is wide-open.  There is no
grade on this pipe, and I can't imagine why anyone would want
or need one.  If the quality of Tom's work on this pipe isn't
evident, how will a stamping help?  Vulcanite stem.  Used.
6" long.  Weight" 2.25 oz., 63 grams. Price: $445.
Jorgen L Grade E #89-3032JJ
Somewhere in this whole, wide world there must be someone
with an insatiable curiosity as to how different tobaccos taste
and research projects are nearly endless, and this is the pipe
with which to exercise that curiosity.  By twisting the ring
between the shank and the bowl and lining up the dots, one can
smoke from the chamber on the left, the one on the right or both
at the same time.  How curious are you?
6.3" long, bowl 2.4" tall.  Weight: 3.5 oz., 99 grams. $2400.
Kjeld sorensen (Red Hat) #615-283JJ
This is definitely a sculpture, with a different looking pipe each
time you turn it and see it from a different perspective.  I sup-
pose you would call it a Blowfish, but that tells only a small part
of the story here.  It's not big; maybe a Grp. 4.5 in size, but
there is a lot going on, including fine Bird's Eye on one side.
5.4" long, bowl 1.8" tall.  Weight: 2 oz., 58 grams. Price: $445.
Jorgen L #111206
That straight grain goes all around the bowl & a pipe cleaner
goes right through to the chamber bottom.  The draw is open,
is bone.  the cond. is exc.  Despite the pipe's generally large
more than 1/2."  Used.
6 1/8" long, bowl  2" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 60 grams. $345.
Lasse Skovgaard #331307CO
A grp. 6 in size, with a wide-open draw, but really, the attraction
is the great ring-grain blast.  It's just a beautiful pipe, well
constructed and appealingly proportioned.  The flat,
comfortable stem adds to the elements that are going to make
this pipe, for someone, a very valued part of the rotation.  It's
got "favorite" written all over it.  That's my take, anyway.  New.
5.25" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 2 3/8 oz., 67 grams. $450.
Kjeld Sorensen (Red Hat)  #615-255JJ
Kjeld Sorensen, the man behind the hat, so to speak, is
developing into one of Denmark's better pipe makers.  On this
Briar Calabash he uses a natural stain to highlight the Bird's
Eye grain on the rim.  The open draw is complimented by a
draft hole right on the chamber bottom, which is uncoated. It is
a one piece briar & does not have a removable cup.  New.
6.1" long, bowl 2.1" tall.  Weight: 2 /38 oz., 66 grams. $495.
W.Ø. Larsen #42429RF
Although the pipe, & it's amberoid stem are in exc. cond., the
nomenclature is buffed down a bit, although every letter is still
there and is legible (with glasses, in my case).  The draw is
open.  The bowl is large and I can easily fit my thumb into the
chamber.  Check out the grain.  Used.
5.1" long, bowl 2.15" tall.  Weight: 1 7/8 oz., 52 grams. $195.
Stanwell's P&T Pipe of the Year 200242411RF
I looked up P&T"s POYs, and you can contact the magazine &
purchase any of the years you might want...except for 2002.  
This model is 'sold out.'  Well, not is right here for
you and it will only cost you money, and as we all know, money
these days is worth nothing.  Certainly not as much as a
beautiful pipe.  Grp. 5 size, & unsmoked & at a bargain.  New.
5.55" long.  Weight: 1 7/8 oz., 54 grams. $425
Tonni Nielsen #42434RF
As I've oft said, & as this confirms, when Tonni is on his game,
he is as good, as creative & as artistic as any maker out there.
The stem is brindle, in case it doesn't come through.  The draw
is wide open and all the lines flow just the way a sculpture
should...& this is a fully functional sculpture.  Grp. 5 size. New.
5.9" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 1.75 oz., 49 grams. $650.
S. Bang Pipe 15148 #121182
Pedigree makes a difference.  Photographs, certainly my
photographs, do not come close to doing this pipe justice.  It is
a Grp. 3 in size, and is an exceptional little piece, in terms of
grain (note the Bird's Eye on the bottom of the shank & bowl
and the straight grain on the sides of the shank), construction,
stem work, stain, wax, and hand feel.  Ebonite stem.  New.
4.9" long, bowl 1.55" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 41 grams. $2975.
W.O. Larsen Select #615193CO (RESERVED)
Am I missing something here.  With this grain quality, I expect to
see a good level straight grain.  And if not that, then certainly a
fill or two.  All I can see are two small, inconsequential sand pits.
I used my lens, too.  It's a Grp. 5 in size, with a handsome,
complementing brindle stem.  The draw's open & it's unsmoked.
5.6" long, bowl 1.75" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 47 grams.  $195.
Ben Wade 100 #227241KM
This has an open draw, takes a cleaner through to the
chamber bottom and sports flame grain and Bird's Eye in a
moderately sized Freehand (by which I mean, it's either a large
Grp 5 or a small Grp 6).  The condition is very good, with no
marks on the stem and only carbon residue on the inner rim of
the bowl, but no charring or wear.  Vulcanite stem.  Used.
6.5" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 2 oz., 55 grams. $75.
Jorgen Larsen #1214249ME
Over the 3 stages of his career (first as Jorgen L, then allowing
Peter Stokkebye to name the pipes, and then after Peter died
as Jorgen L under our auspices as importers/distributors) here
is an "I" (as in eye...I think.  Or maybe it's an "L."  Who cares?)
and that puts it in the approx middle of all of his systems, so
again, it doesn't matter.  It's in exc. cond., with an open draw
and his pipes smoke great.  What else you need?
6" long, bowl 1.7" tall.  Weight: 1.25 oz., 36 grams.  Used. $225.
Brakner Antique #227203AG (SOLD)
The stem is original, and free of marks.  The draw is wide-open
& the size is Grp. 5.  The only departure from excellence is the
touch of carbon on the rim, but even that is only superficial and
does not represent charring of the wood.  Ebonite stem. Used
6" long, bowl 2.1" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 47 grams. $125.
Erik Nording Churchwarden 1224372
I didn't feel I could get a decent shot of the entire pipe.  Suffice
to say that it is 10.5" long.  The draw is open, so despite the
briar that doesn't need dark stain in order to cover up flaws.
The stem is vulcanite and the pipe is new.  
10.5" long, bowl 1.6" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 61 grams. $65.
S. Bang Pipe 15127 #122495
Easily a Grp. 6 in size, but with walls so thick that the chamber
size is not that large.  Still, it is hard to argue with the thick walls
when the rim exhibits such marvelous Bird's Eye grain.  The
straight grain all around is not bad, either.  Of course the con-
struction is great, so the draw is open.  Vulcanite stem.  New.
5.7" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 2 5/8 oz., 73 grams. $2865
W.O. Larsen 8 #518153 (SOLD)
Large, as in Grp. 6 or a bit bigger.  The cond. is very good, with
the merest touch of wear on the inner rim of the chamber.  The
draw is open and the stem is vulcanite.  There is a hint of tooth
chatter on the bottom of the stem.  Across the top of the shank
is stamped "straight grain."  Which Dane made it?  Don't know.
5.8" long, bowl 2" tall.  Weight: 2 3/4 oz., 77 grams. $235
Former #108106
Wide-open draw in a Grp. 5 by Master Pipe Maker, Hans
Nielsen, aka Former.  With a little twisting, a pipe cleaner goes
to the bottom of the chamber; the draw is open, as you would
expect from a Former pipe.  The Bird's Eye around the bowl
creates a lot of Bird's eye on the bottom of the shank & bowl.
5.55" long, bowl 1.8" tall.  Weight: 2 5/8 oz., 76 grams. $685.
Jess Chonowitsch #218173BK (SOLD)
A fine exhibition of ring grain.  The draw is wide-open and the
stem is hand-cut vulcanite.  The size of the pipe is equal to a
Dunhill Group 6, and the inner diameter of the tobacco
chamber is just shy of 9/10."  Unsmoked.
5.5" long, bowl 1.95" tall.  Weight:  2 oz., 58 grams. $3850.
Svend Bang A by U.N. #518067
Certainly at least a Grp. 6 in size, with a wide-open draw and a
draw hole on the bottom of the chamber.  And, with a bit of a
twist, the cleaner goes all the way through to that chamber.  
The stem is vulcanite and the pipe is unsmoked .  
5.6" long, bowl 2.3" tall.  Weight: 2 3/8 oz., 69 grams. $2450.
Jorn Larsen #102142BK
A simple, classic, always comfortable shape from one of the top
Danish makers at a very reasonable price.  Better yet, the draw
is wide-open and a pipe cleaner passes easily through to the
chamber bottom.  It's a Gpr. 5 in size & the stem is vulcanite.  
The band is not hallmarked or stamped, but it has the patina of
sterling and I can hardly imagine Jorn would use a lesser
material for one of his pipes.  Unsmoked.
5.8" long, bowl 2.1" tall.  Weight: 1 7/8 oz., 54 grams. $345.
S. Bang by Per Hansen #1112-292CO
A Group 5 in size, with the kind of winning blast most U.S. pipe
collectors prefer, deep, somewhat sharp and ring grained.  The
draw and construction are as you would expect from a Bang &
a cleaner goes right to the chamber.  I don't know the inspiration
for the stain color they use on blasts, when they're not using
black, but I like it.  The hand cut stem is flat & comfortable. New.
5.3" long, bowl 1.75" tall.  Weight: 1.75 oz., 51 grams. $1045.
Former #111232
again Former's brilliance at pipe carving.  It's not that small; it's
a Grp. 4 or even 5 in overall size, although the amount of briar
used for the bowl enforces a small tobacco chamber.  The cond.
is near-new and the stem is vulcanite.  Used.
5.2" long, bowl 1.6" tall.  Weight: 1 7/8 oz., 54 grams. $850.
Former # 21899EG
could get it on the page with the other Formers that came in.
The pipe is in exc. cond., but I need to polish and buff the stem
so that it shines like new.  Easily done, but not in time for this
picture.  My apology.  Fine cross grain & Bird's Eye in a large
(Grp. 6 size) pipe.  Talking about that stem, BTW, it is vulcanite,
flat and narrow.  In other words, very comfortable.  Used.
6.5" long, bowl 2.15" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 59 grams. $795.
Former #218104EG
It's uncommon to see an acrylic stem on a top end Danish pipe,
but in this case, we have one.  The pipe is a Grp.4 size, in
excellent condition with a reddish & black stain that dramatically
sets off the complex set of grain patterns that adorn the bowl.
.5.5" long, bowl 1.95" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 39 grams. $795.
Former #218109EG
One of the many mysteries of pipe making, at least to me, is
how does a pipe maker, with as varied a skill set as Former,
Former can make any shape he wants, and have it be one of
the best examples of that shape ever.  So, here, he chose to
make a version of the Danish Free Hand.  Why?  Because he
wanted to use as much of this fabulous briar block as possible?
Look at the is Grp. 6 or even a 7 and the ring grain
runs all around the bowl from top to bottom.  And in this way, he
managed also to keep the plateau, telling the customer that this
pipe came from the best part of the burl.  The cond. is exc., the
draw is wide-open and the stem is acrylic.  It won't oxidize. Used.
6" long, bowl 2.3" tall.  Weight: 2.25 oz., 63 grams. $835.
Preben Holm Regal #227263KM
With all of its sculpted features, and miles of tight straight gain
you could make this the poster boy for what a high grade
Preben Holm pipe is.  It's quite large (look at dimensions below)
with a wide-open draw and a very comfortable vulcanite stem,
which is lost to the fact that this is too large a pipe to hang from
your mouth.  I don't know if the stem is original. Used.
6.5" long, bowl 2.4" tall.  Weight: 2 5/8 oz., 74 grams. $125.
S. Bang by Per Hansen #218206BK
This pipe was smoked, I'm guessing, but is in near-new
condition.  It's a Grp. 5 in size and to me, it's a signature shape
of S. Bang, or maybe just Per.  Besides his initials, it is also
stamped with an "A" and the band has a sterling hallmark. The
draw is wide-open & the hand-cut stem is vulcanite.  Used.
5.15" long, bowl 1.85" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 43 grams. $1445.
Former #108111
Just another example of Former's genius as a pipe maker.  The
blast is a marvelous ring grain from the top to the bottom of this
tall bowl.  The "S" curve is graceful & deep, but it doesn't keep
Former's construction from allowing a cleaner to pass easily into
the bottom of the chamber.  The draw is, of course, wide-open.
It's large, a Grp. 7 in size.  The cond. is excellent.  Used (barely)
5.8" long, bowl 2.55" tall.  Weight: 2 oz., 56 grams. $850.
Peter Hedegaard #11704PJ
Compact, so I'm not sure if I should call it a Grp 5 in size, or a
Grp. 4.  Either way, it fits great in the hand, and because of a
flat, hand-cut vulcanite stem, great in the mouth, too.  There is
carbon residue on the rim, but the stem is mark-free & the
chamber is free of webbing or other signs of wear.  Used.
5.4" long, bowl 1.55" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 38 grams. $250.
S. Bang by Per Hansen #218279BK
If the purpose of this shape is to take advantage of great cross
grain and Bird's Eye, Per has done it here.  The sides of the
pipe, including the shank, make a great display for the cross
grain while the bottom and front of the bowl provide fascination
for the Bird's Eye lover (which includes me).  It's not a large
pipe, probably a Group 4 tobacco chamber & it defies the
standard problem of this shape by being comfortable in the
hand and in the mouth.  The draw is wide-open and the
condition is excellent, it having been barely smoked.  Used.
5.4" long.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 38 grams. $1225..
W.O. Larsen Select #11704FT
If this didn't have one tiny fill, it would be either a Pearl or a 10.
The cross grain & Bird's Eye grain makes this briar major eye
candy.  Plus, it's also very large, as in a Grp. 7 size.  The draw
is open and the stem is vulcanite.  It is unsmoked.  New.
6.75" long, bowl 2.25" tall.  Weight: 2 1/8 oz., 62 grams. $150.
Stanwell #42439
Firstly, the only nomenclature is on the silver ferrule, so I don't
know if this pipe was made in Denmark or Italy.  BUT...the
damned diamond shaped silver ferrule was glued just a bit
misaligned, if that tells you anything.  (It looks like
somebody...not me, tried with pliers to re-align that ferrule).  It's
in exc. cond., has an open draw and is Grp. 4 size.  It's not a
real spigot as the part that goes into the shank is a vulcanite
tenon.  The stem if flat and quite comfortable.  Used.
4.9" long, bowl 1.8" tall.  Weight: 1 5/8 oz., 46 grams. $50.
Tao #425228JS
1) Tao pipes do not come up often.  B) This pipe is quite large
by his standards.  I can fit my thumb into the chamber; call it a
Grp. 7 in size, but you'll see the dimensions at the end of this
description.  The cond. is exc., and the air hole is placed right
at the bottom of the bowl.  Along with a brindle stem, Tao
included 3 other embellishments on the stem and shank.  Used.
5.75" long, bowl 2.4" tall.  Weight: 3 1/8 oz., 87 grams. $475.
SEA (Søren Eric Andersen) #227278SF ( SOLD 4/28/18)
If, as I believe, this is such a great execution of a near perfect
shape for smoking, why aren't there more pipes that look and
feel like this one?  The vulcanite stem is flat & comfortable, the
size is a user-friendly Grp. 5, the draw is open & the cond. is
exc.  The grain you can see for yourself.  Used.
5.45" long, bowl 1.75" tall.  Weight: 1.25 oz., 36 grams. $245.
Jorgen L (Larsen) Grade J #51854FT
Dwelling for a moment in the realm of idle speculation, do you
make an unbroken skein of the easiest, yet rarest of pipes,
perfect, unflawed straight grain Billiards, would do that or would
he/she feel a need to make a variety of shapes, regardless of
the fact that to do so would mean the creation of less
well-grained pieces?  Don't know why looking at this pipe set off
those thoughts.  Anyhow, this is not a Billiard but it is very
well grained, all around, and the bowl is large enough so that
my thumb fits easily into the chamber (an RCH shy of 9/10"
diameter) despite a chamber wall thickness of well over 1/2."
The cond. is exc. & the draw is wide-open.  It is impossible to
predict how a pipe will smoke, but knowing Jorgen, and his
purist's attention to detail and briar quality, I can't imagine that
this won't be a superb smoke, and quite possibly an exceptional
one.  Vulcanite stem.  Used.  
5.25" long, bowl 1.65" tall.  Weight: 2 oz., 58 grams. $365.
Jorgen L Grade E #51859FT
about the perfect pipe.  The size (Grp. 4), slim profile, flat
vulcanite stem, great condition, open draw, original but not
outré shape, fine grain and the maker's top-tier pedigree make
it hard, if not impossible to find fault here.  Used.
5.75" long, bowl 1.65" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 40 grams. $425.
Tom Eltang #111238 (SOLD 12/26/17)
Great straight grain abounds in this pipe.  And because of that,
the Bird's eye on the thick rim and on the bottom of the shank
to the thick walls of the bowl, but it's all around beautiful.  Notice
that unlike so many pipes, the straight grain does not fall off at
the front of the bowl.  it's thick & tight.  the draw is open and the
condition is like-new.  The stem is hand-cut and vulcanite.  Used
5" long, bowl 1.6" tall.  Weight: 1.5 oz., 41 grams. $425.
Nording #117140 (SOLD)
Here's the perfect pipe for the non-discriminating pipe smoker
whose prime criterion is a large pipe.  This qualifies.  The cond.
is very good, but I do believe this is a Radice stem on the pipe,
but that's OK, cause the stem fits in every way.  Of course my
thumb can fit into the chamber.  Used.
6.5" long, bowl 2.4" tall.  Weight: 3 3/8 oz., 98 grams. $35.
Stanwell #111264 (SOLD)
It appears that some of the dark stain used at the top of the
bowl and on the chamber rim got into the chamber itself, and
thus I can't be entirely certain that the pipe was unsmoked.  If
it was smoked, it must have been for the shortest period in
history.  This pipe is as close to unsmoked as possible.  But,
there is a visible flaw in the shank that justifies the use of a
repair band to prevent a serious crack, so regardless, this is
not a perfect pipe cosmetically.  As a smoking instrument, it is
100% fine.  Grp. 5 in size, with an open draw and a vulcanite
stem that is pristine.  
5.6" long, bowl 1.85" tall.  Weight: 1 3/8 oz., 38 grams. $35.
Vollmer & Nilsson #11770FT
compelled them to take as much advantage of it as possible.
Hence, you have a large, broad expanse of Bird's Eye on the
rim and an expanding Dublin shape to exhibit the straight grain
all around the bowl.  The cond. is exc., you get a vulcanite stem
an open draw & a Grp. 6 size pipe with a Grp. 5 size chamber.
6.5" long, bowl 1.9" tall.  Weight: 2 oz., 57 grams. $425
Nording #42460
One of the very finest looking Nordings I can remember seeing,
and that certainly includes the quality of the grain.  Erik must
have thought so, too because he put a 585 (14 K) gold band
on it.  It's a Grp 6 size and has a chamber large enough for me
to easily take my thumb.  The draw is open & the tortoise shell
acrylic stem is flat and comfortable.  Unsmoked.
6.5" long, bowl 1.9" tall.  Weight: 2.25 oz., 63 grams. $235.